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Fall is, hopefully, right around the corner. The season makes us think of pumpkin spice, flannel shirts, and cozy fires. If you don’t have an awesome fireplace to curl up in front of, fear not, our friends at The Fireplace Shoppe can help you!

I visited with our member company about the different type of fireplaces and what they are seeing here in our community. You have three main options for a fireplace – gas, pellet, or wood. As far as seeing more of one over the others, there isn’t a clear standout. They are seeing less pellet, but there is a mix of wood and gas.

How you burn fire has minimal choice, but the front or façade of your fireplace has an abundance of options. In their store, there is a concrete tile front that looks like old barnwood – so cool! Like everything else within home trends, the rustic farmhouse look has become popular. This can be with a wood burning or gas fireplace. You can also go for a more contemporary look with a linear gas fireplace. With a gas fireplace, you can control it with a remote, change out the logs, and the height of the flame.  The options just go on and on!

IF you don’t know what you want, here are some questions to ask yourself about your fireplace:

What type do you want?
If gas, do you want heat to come off it or just have it for the aesthetic?
If this is a focal point of your home, what is your style for the front?
If you are adding a gas fireplace, do you have gas in your home, or can you access it?
If you have an older home, do you need to replace your fireplace with a more efficient option?

There are many more questions they will ask you to make sure you are getting the perfect fireplace for your new build, retrofit of your old one, or addition to your existing home. They will also let you know the proper maintenance of your fireplace. Summer is a great time to get your fireplace serviced, as it is most often the slower time for companies. This also helps you be ready for cool autumn nights, whenever they may pop up.

Speaking of cool autumn nights, why not add that statement fire piece to an outdoor kitchen or by your pool?! Turn your backyard into an outdoor oasis with the addition of an amazing outdoor kitchen. There are so many options for outdoor living space, it’s just important to know your budget!

One final piece of advice, BEFORE you purchase a home with a fireplace, get it inspected! You need to know what condition the fireplace is in and a professional can let you know that. You don’t want to purchase a home and THEN find out you’ll need to spend some money on an unexpected project.

As always, do some research and then visit our friends at The Fireplace Shoppe or The Fireplace & More Store. They can help make all your cool nights cozy and relaxing with a beautiful fireplace.

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