What’s Trending: Farmhouse Sinks

I reached out to two of our members, Distinctive Home Products and The Galleria at Joplin Supply, about trends they are seeing here in our community. Some won’t surprise you, but others might.


First and foremost, we can thank HGTV for helping to popularize the farmhouse sink. Now, in full disclosure, I love a farmhouse sink and want one. Fixer Upper did nothing to make me want one, but it has helped further my desire to have that piece in my kitchen someday. They fit nicely in a sleek modern farmhouse design and add a cozy feel. You can find so many variations of the single bowl sink that it will also fit nicely in other styles of homes. I even saw a wood one-basin sink. It was odd, but also pretty cool.

When it comes to cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom, painted cabinets are on the rise. I had painted navy/denim cabinets in my last kitchen and I loved them. I also love a white kitchen with an island that is painted blue; it’s one trend I can get on board with. White and gray kitchens have helped the cool colors take over locally.

We also talked about lighting and all the new places you can get lighting with LED – from closet rods to stair handrails. Under cabinet lighting has been happening for a while, but that type of lighting is now spreading to other parts of the home. How cool are closet rods that light up? Maybe we’d have less accidental mismatched shoes if there was a little more light! Accent lighting is always helpful and it’s pretty cool how technology allows us to illuminate a home.


Another big trend is a free-standing soaker tub. This is a nice extra to have and some people take full advantage of it. If you have a smaller bathroom, tubs with tile are on trend instead of the one piece fiberglass shower and tub combination.

As far as hardware, chrome, black, and gold are in. However, gold was a split between the two companies I talked to. One said gold is out and the other said a champagne bronze or luxe or brushed gold are in. Both said matte black faucets or light fixtures are in and that chrome is still a wanted finish. A lot of fixtures are taking a more modern look with clean lines, but that seems to be a trend that has been on the rise for several years.

None of this is really surprising if you watch home improvement television or follow companies and publications on social media. It may seem like trends take a while to reach us in the middle of the country, but the world operates differently now with so much online. Also, the rise of Texas style – from the middle South – makes it a little easier to be trendy. Some trends stick and others fade away, so we’ll see what comes next – or comes back around.

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