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2020 is not quite the futuristic spectacle writers have depicted via written stories and movies. Some hypothesized we would all be in little pod cars, zipping across the sky above our cities. In the science-fiction monster movie Pacific Rim, the year 2020 features massive monsters that come from the seas. Humans combat these threats with huge mechanical suits called “Jaegers”. Likewise, the science-fiction action movie Edge of Tomorrow shows a world engulfed in space conflict with an alien species known as “Mimics”, a world in which the protagonist is repeatedly set through a loop each time he perishes. Movies are sometimes exaggerated.

The reality is, 2020 isn’t some futuristic world with massive mechanical suits to battle off sea monsters. We’re all stuck at home for the most part, wondering what to do next in the midst of a global pandemic. There is a variety of things someone could do: I know plenty of people who have begun taking walks or riding bikes, likewise, I know plenty of people who have donned their “quarantine fifteen” over the past few months. One thing we always encourage at the Home Builders Association is to do home upgrades when possible.

In recent years, technology around the house has continued to upgrade. TVs have turned from large boxes weighing far too much to extremely thin 4k displays. Doorbells upgraded into Ring Doorbells capable of recording whoever shows up at the door. So why do smart home thermostats get forgotten about?

One reason is the technology’s age. The Nest Thermostat only came out in 2011, less than a decade ago. Now smart thermostats can control humidity throughout the house, adjust the temperature automatically, turn lights on or off depending on if people are in the room or not, and more. You can be across the room (or the world) and turn your air conditioning up or down, it is truly a slice of the future! Brands such as Trane, Ecobee, Honeywell, and Nest dominate much of the smart thermostat market. The installation typically only takes about 30 minutes to a few hours in some cases, and then you’ll be on your way to having your own piece of the future.

If you’re considering a home improvement project over the next few months, I would highly recommend upgrading your thermostat to smart home technology. Not only could it make your home more energy efficient, but you could also save money in the long run by switching sooner rather than later. Some businesses even offer rebates for smart home technology, like solar panels and water heaters.

If you do decide to upgrade your current thermostats, or any other appliance in your home, feel free to give the Home Builder Association of Southwest Missouri a call. We can connect you to a variety of builders, associates, and contractors who are capable of taking care of your upgrades, big or small. The Jetson’s predicted flying cars by 2062, so I suppose technically we do have a bit more time to get to the future; but why wait?

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