Is It Time to Renovate?

I have been messaging with friends who are stuck at home. No matter who I am talking with, the conversation turns to all the things they dislike about their home now that they are stuck in it. I think most of us can understand this feeling these days. But, should you renovate or remodel now? Let us ask a few questions:

  1. What projects do you want to do? How big is the project? If you simply want to paint the walls, then this is a great time for that. However, if the project is time intensive and needs professional help, you might want to wait, or at least plan more, before you get started.
  2. Do you have the money? This is a great question no matter what is going on in the world. With many people losing their jobs or temporarily laid off, this is a very important question right now. You always need to consider the cost though. Again, how big is the project?
  3. Do you understand the time commitment? Most people are working from home, but do you truly understand how much time the project will take? What if something goes wrong? Let’s say you are remodeling your bathroom and you only have the one bathroom for the whole family. Do your research before you start to know your water pipes and what to do if one breaks or leaks. Do you know what order you are going to take each step of this project? Painting, flooring, new vanity, etc. Time is important in this example, so make sure you are ready for something to go wrong.
  4. If everyone is home, will they get in the way? Can they help? If you have kids and they are old enough to help, let them! What a great lesson! However, kids and pets can easily get in the way of efficiently taking on a project. It might be best to take advantage of a nice day and put everyone else outside.
  5. Will this add value to my home? Again, this is a question to ask no matter the situation. You want your home to function better for you, but you also want to make sure you are adding value. If you switch out flooring, make sure you are taking it up a notch and not downgrading your flooring. Same with windows. You want to make sure you are putting quality products in your home that will last.
  6. Is now really the best time? If you are unsure, sleep on it. Being in our homes more makes us aware of the things we do not like. It does not mean now is the best time for a project though. Really take some time to think about your expenses and flexibility before you start a big project.

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