Foundation Repairs

The HBA receives many calls about foundation repair. It can be simply needing someone to look at the foundation or that there are obvious signs of severe damage to the foundation of your home. It can be scary to see cracks and shifts but there are solutions.

Sometimes the age of your home is the biggest factor in serious foundation damage. We have quite a few homes in our community built in the 1920s. These homes will most likely need foundation repair due to erosion, tree roots, the amount of moisture over the years, and simply time. Homes were also built with different materials and systems in those times. If you live in an older home, take regular note of any visible signs of foundation damage.

No matter the age of your home, there are several ways that you can get foundation damage: your home was built on improperly compacted fill soils; poor drainage on your property; you experienced a plumbing leak below your home; tree roots are growing too close to your home; or mother nature takes a toll with an earthquake, flood, drought or other natural disaster that affects the foundation. These issues can cause tripping hazards, visible cracks, decrease in value, or structural damage that can turn very costly.

It might seem difficult to tell the difference between your home settling and actual foundation problems. A few signs to look for foundation damage are separation around garage door or windows, large cracks in brick or foundation, displaced moldings, uneven floors, or cracked sheetrock. Hairline cracks should be watched but are not necessarily cause for worry. Larger cracks or cracks that show up quickly are what you want to have checked out.

The good news is that there are many ways to fix your home’s foundation. You will need to call a professional to confirm the issues, find the cause, and then to proceed with a plan of action. There are different ways to repair your foundation whether it is a slab or a basement. Some homes might simply need basement waterproofing while others will need reinforcements. Piers, jacks, anchors, and bracing are different methods and a professional will know what is best for your home. You might also need to change the elevation of your property if it is water/flooding caused damage.

No matter the cause of the foundation damage, you want to make sure it is fixed correctly and that your home is in the best shape. If you have concerns, give our friends at Foundation Recovery Systems a call. As always, your home is an investment. Start with a great foundation and protect it.

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