Decorating Your New Space

Decorating can seem like another daunting task. Sometimes it’s good to live in a space for a couple of weeks to see what you really need and would use. You also have to decide if you are starting with paint and flooring color or if you are designing around your furniture or other items you already have. To get a few pointers, I did some online research and asked one of our members, Sara Robbins-Fink Interior Design, for tips.

To begin, it’s best to decide if you are designing around current furniture or a statement piece or letting the walls and floors tell you the color scheme. If you are using your furniture or statement piece, set the arrangement and then decide what additional pieces and accessories you need. I love to move furniture. LOVE IT. So, I like to try a few configurations and see what works best for now. However, I know what pieces I have and what wall décor I can easily move. I like to keep my wall décor together, so it makes the every-three month furniture rearranging go smoothly.

An easy way to warm up a space while giving it a personal touch is to add area rugs to hardwood floors and plants to any room. You can also make an investment into your window treatments. This will allow custom curtains or blinds that really add value and dress up a room nicely. Take your time though. If you’re ready for the investment in window treatments, contact Joplin Venetian Blinds for a custom fit.  If you aren’t quite ready to commit, then shop at TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Tuesday Morning, or other similar stores where you can get a discount on nice pieces.

When it comes to artwork or accessories on the walls, first take a look at what you already have. Most of us have items in storage or the back of a cabinet that could be used for wall art. What about the cute decorative plates you received as a wedding gift? What about a collection of mirrors? Do you have antique trays? All of these items could be incorporated into your wall décor or placed on ottomans or side tables. Sara also suggests using unique lamps to help fill a room while giving it an impact. This also allows for easy mood setting or additional light if needed.

One piece of advice I read online was to invest in one item a year. This can be the professional paint job, the custom window treatments, or the piece of furniture you truly want. This will mix new with old giving you a cool look and in a few years, you will have the room you want without breaking the bank. Just take your time and focus on one room at a time.

This is only the tip of the decorating iceberg, so we’ll dive into another feature in upcoming articles. If it’s all too overwhelming, contact an interior designer to help guide you to a style that fits you and your home.

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