Creating a Welcoming Entry

You might not have a lot of people visiting your home right now, but it is a good time to upgrade your entryway. We have some ideas for outside and inside updates that can create a cozier and more stylish first impression of your home.

We will start outside. A few of these ideas have been mentioned in other articles because these are great easy ways to update the curb appeal and a perfect way to express your style. It can be as simple as adding new house numbers in a fun font on a creative background. You can also add planters with live flowers lining your walk or a beautiful wreath on or by the front door. Adding high-quality door hardware is another easy way to update the front door. One final simple update is to add and layer doormats. Patterns and colors can be mix-matched and create a very easy way to warm up the front door.

One thing to avoid is going overboard with landscaping. You want great curb appeal, but you also want the house to seem inviting and not intimidating by too many bushes or overgrown trees. Maintain the front landscaping and keep the doorway visible and opened.

Take it up a step further by adding outdoor furniture to your front porch. You can also paint your front door a fun color or add colorful step tiles. Another way to take the entry walk up another notch, is to lay a stone walkway. All of these are more involved but create more of a wow-factor.

When your guests enter your home, what are they walking into? Do you have an inside entry that could use some warmth and welcome? Again, some easy steps area to add an inside rug, a bold lighting feature, or simply hang a mirror. This all makes the space feel more lived in and welcoming to guests. You can go further by painting the walls or adding a decorative wallpaper.  Make sure any storage you add is also stylish and fits with the décor of your home.

If you want to go full-out, then start a complete remodel of your front entry. If you do not have a front porch, create one. If you have tiny steps, extend them into a front porch. Add an arch or covered entry that matches your home’s architecture. This will add to the style of your home and help with its value as well.

No matter whether it is inside or outside, you want your entry to be a well-illuminated and clear path. Create a very visible walkway that will guide new guests to the correct entry. Once inside, it the first impression of your home, so give it some style and let people know they are welcome. Start out with some simple décor changes and work your way up from there. It doesn’t take much to make a house feel like your home.

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