Why Hire an HBA Member

“Our Commitment is Quality”

The question remains the same, whether you’re a consumer, thinking of building your dream home or a builder providing homes for families in your community. The answer also remains the same, and it’s as simple as one word…”QUALITY.”

The HBA “Builder” made the commitment to an organization that stresses “Quality in Home Building.” An organization that accepts only builders who meet the criteria set in place by the local and national organizations. An organization that sets a standard that all members must live up to.

By joining the HBA, Builders and Associate members have taken steps to ensure they will stay abreast of industry issues. They made a commitment to use quality products. They recognize the need to give something back to the community where they live and do business. By joining the HBA, they made a commitment to quality.

So when you get ready to do that job, ask yourself if you really want to do business with a builder or supplier who won’t make the commitment. Then contact us, and we’ll help you find an HBA member who will give you the quality you deserve.