Clayshoot Tournament

The first thing we hear when we ask if someone is going to join us for this year’s HBA Clay Shoot is probably “Oh – I’m not very good at shooting,”  –  “It’s been a long time since I’ve shot a gun,”   or “I’d be embarrassed to try that in front of other people!”

The reality is – the majority of our participants are only occasional shooters – but EVERYONE has a blast!!  Scoring is done by team total, and individual scores are only announced if you do the announcing!

If you’re a guy who likes to wander in the woods, shoot big guns and blow stuff up – this is the event for you!!  It’s a great time to get away from the office and enjoy the company of other shooting/outdoor enthusiasts.  Grab two of your best buddies and join us on Thursday, October 30 for hours of fun.  We’ll shoot 100 targets each, enjoy the beautiful Claythorne shooting course, and have some lunch.

Winners get bragging rights, AND you’ll get to put the HBA Traveling Trophy on display at your office.

The 2017 Clayshoot Tournament will be Friday, October 27

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