Code of Ethics

The Goal of the members of the Home Builders Association of Southwest Missouri is to provide quality products and services at reasonable prices, promoting the well being of our association, our industry and our community by following the “HBA Code of Ethics.”



Honesty and integrity are the guiding principles by which we will conduct our business affairs.


We will be fair in all our business relationships, particularly in the area of pricing, contracts, and negotiations in order to give our customers the best possible value.


We will comply with the letter and spirit of all federal, state and local laws that affect the construction industry. We will also abide by the by-laws of the association.


We will provide safe and healthy workplaces for our employees. We will construct safe and healthy buildings.


Our construction work and related services will meet or exceed industry standards. We will strive to learn from every job and improve the quality of our work every day.


We will strive to maintain a fair and honest environment in our businesses. We will do our best to continue to learn by experience, education, research and sharing with one another in a healthy competitive spirit.


We will acknowledge any defects in our materials or workmanship and correct them in a timely manner.


We will pay all of our invoices in a mutually agreeable arrangement with our creditors, maintaining a high level of fiscal responsibility.